This Wonderful Remarks On 'Pinoy Fishers Can Now Catch Fish In Panatag Shoal' Is WORTH READING!

At last after 4 years...
Wonderful Remarks After 'Pinoy Fishers Can Now Catch Fish In Panatag Shoal'

After President Rodrigo Duterte's state visit to China, Pinoy fishers can now catch fish in the Scarborough or Panatag shoal.

Because of this, a wonderful remark from Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu is another hit on social media.

Her Facebook posts on how happy she is that our 'fishermen's children will sleep with food in their stomachs' make sense and many netizens shared same sentiments, too.

Here's the full context of her Facebook post. Kindly read.

Makes you want to cry for our fishermen.

A decent living! After FOUR years.

You are fighting for a hazy ideal (not even an ideal but only a pretension of it, to use as an argument against a President you abhor), you say that the shoal is ours, but it is ours only in name, never in practice, never where it matters.

We wouldn't have been able to go head to head against China's powerful coast guards and state-of-the-art ship patrols.

We are fighting for the here and now. For our Filipino brothers to make a living and feed themselves.

That is not bowing down, that is not selling out. That is real world, real life problem solving without bloodshed and with only strategy. In the end, with our puny resources, strategy may be the only thing that can save us. And strategy is what this President has in spades. (Strategy, by the way, is not shaped in school but in the streets. Wisdom, you cannot glean from textbooks or an Ivy League education. Wisdom comes from life experience, and what Duterte lacks in fancy education, he more than makes up for it in hard-won wisdom.)

While our fishermen go hungry as our governments fight in international courts, can you explain to them, as their stomachs rumble and their families starve, your long-term vision, your high-falutin policies, your politicking that serves only YOU? And to be honest, do you even know how it will serve YOU and not the oligarchs who are fighting for a piece of it?

What will we do with a piece of paper while our fishermen die from hunger?

If you have NEVER EVER been hungry or helpless, I don't expect you to understand why access to the waters is URGENT, and not merely an international issue that may never be solved.

Our fishermen are going home enjoying the BENEFITS, our fishermen's children will sleep with food in their stomachs.

So until you have a better solution, unless you are able pledge to keep all our fishermen alive by giving them jobs while you fight for your "ownership," please shut up and instead cherish the thought of your fellow Filipinos finally enjoying the riches of OUR waters.
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