“Yellowtard” Slammed By Netizens Over Insensitive Apology On Wrong Report Blaming Duterte, Uh-Oh!

Cynthia patag slamed by netizen

It seems that the tension between staunch liberal party supporter Cynthia Patag and singer Nicole Asensio isn’t yet over.

Patag already apologized for her mistake claiming that the late father of the latter was a victim of Duterte’s war on drugs.

Nicole immediately clarified the rumors after Patag posted it on her Facebook page and said that his father was never abducted and killed.

Admitting her mistakes, Patag posted an apology on her Facebook page but it appeared that there’s still remaining grievances on her part.

Thus, instead of accepting the apology, Nicole was saddened by Patag’s post.

In response to the apology, Nicole posted on her Facebook:

Well hello Cynthia Patag... You finally appeared on my timeline.... I didn't know losing my father was still ALL ABOUT YOU.
funny when you're forced to apologize because thousands of people realized your true terrible colors... And still you end up being defensive and insulting BOTH sides of my family instead.
THE LOVE WAS NEVER THERE.  This woman does not know love.I pray for her.  I am thankful my parents taught me loveBut right now I'm laughing and crying at the same time coz I'm shocked.

Netizens were also quick to reach the issue:

Awful timing and bad taste. What kind of society are we in now when a family can't even grieve in peace.
The apology Cynthia Patag asked for were not sincere as i read it. She was so proud and thinks highly of herself!
This woman does not know love" ...pak wasak sabog sagos!!!!Parang the dark lord voldemort hahaha...cynthia patag plepng tigas parin ng muka kahit nag sorry na nakuha pang manisi.
Obviously its not from her heart to say sorry, dahil ang taong marunong humingi ng paumanhin di na kailangan mag paliwanag ng kung anu-anong syet para masabi lang na sorry sila.
di ka nagkamali miss cynthia patag dahil literally mo pinost yan sa fb page mo for your agenda for being a rabbid attack dog.
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