You MUST Be Aware On This New Scheme Of Theft In NAIA So You Won’t Be A Victim, Tsk!

Though the infamous tanim-bala scheme is over in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the NAIA authorities warned the public about the new scheme of theft in the airport.
New Scheme Of Theft In NAIA

Since people is expected to return to their province for November 1 and the long weekend ahead, authorities have reported how some  passengers became a victim in the new mode of theft.

Five persons including a Japanese national became victims of the salisi gang which victimized passenger who unconsciously leave their belongings unattended, reported by Interaksyon.

Salisi gang usually operates when a member of the gang diverts your attention while the other member gets your belongings.
This is what happened to the four passengers at NAIA Terminal 3 and a passenger at NAIA Terminal 2 who lost their luggage.

The general manager of the Manila International Airport Authority, Ed Monreal, revealed that they have received intelligence reports about the modus and found out that perpetrators are individual who do not have any flights in the Terminals.

These individuals found to be not passengers and airport personnel, target gullible passengers to steal their belongings.

MIAA has strengthened their security as they expect more passengers because of the holiday.

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