280 Families of Yolanda Victims Now Set To Move On Their New House, Awesome!

Yolanda victim's new home

Three years after the devastating Typhoon Yolanda destroyed the entire Tacloban City, the first batch of Yolanda Victims, around 280 families, is not set to transfer on their permanent house on November 28.

During the Yolanda Anniversary, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a swift action to let the victims be transferred on permanent resettlement area.

Presidential Assistant for the Visayas took the directive of the President and doubled their effort to transfer the victims to the resettlement area.
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In a report from VOVph, it stated that military trucks from various government units – Philippine Army, Philippine National Police, Office of the Civil Defense, local government units and other private entities will work together to transfer the Yolanda victims to the resettlement centers.

Relocation site is at Barangay Sto. NiƱo (Suhi) in Tacloban City

“I’m very happy to hear the report from our men and women of the Task Force Bulig that the people are already excited to start a new life in their new homes,” PA Dino said.

“The problem besetting the Yolanda resettlement in three years is solved in just 18 days after Pres. Duterte’s tapang and malasakit to the Yolanda victims made him issue presidential directives to finish it without delay,” PA Dino added.