Belgica To Morales: Bakit Si JOEL Lang? Siya Lang Ba Ang May Anumalya Sa PDAF?

"If you can DISMISS Joel for putting his PDAF into Napoles's NGO's, what is stopping you from INVESTIGATING the others who put it in the SAME NGO's?"
Belgica To Morales Bakit Si JOEL Lang

Another Facebook post of Greco Belgica went viral after he castigates Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales on the dismissal of Senator Joel Villanueva due to PDAP issue.

Belgica calls the attention of the Morales to resign. Here's the reason why. Kindly read,



Bakit s JOEL lang? Siya lang ba ang may anumalya sa PDAF?

The call is to INVESTIGATE ALL. But, you issued a questionable order!

If you can DISMISS Joel for putting his PDAF into Napoles's NGO's, what is stopping you from INVESTIGATING the others who put it in the SAME NGO's?

Will you not investigate De Lima, after admitting an adulterous relationship with DAYAN na collector ng kanyang drug money sa MUNTIN LUPA?

NASAN ANG DAP? DID NOT NAPOLES RECEIVE DAP THE SAME WAY SHE RECEIVED PDAF? Didn't the court say the authors of DAP (Pnoy & Abad) should be held liable? Where is your case?

Napoles is already in jail. You can subpoena her anytime you want. The paper trails are in COA and the Budget department, you can summon it anytime. We cant. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Protection agency na ba ng pulitiko ang Ombudsman?

Napoles named legions of legislators. Where are they?

People are not as STUPID as you think they are. We know what you are doing and we can see what is in your heart.

You came out with a publicity stunt to show that you are doing something. Thanks but no thanks.

You are 3 years late, and you insult us by issuing a questionable order.

The SCo directed you and all "...prosecutorial organs of investigate ALL for possible criminal liabilities, all who abused the public funds through the PORK BARREL SYSTEM". (Gr.No. 208566, Belgica vs Ochoa). You can lead this. But you did not.

You are only trying to kill the mounting rage calling for your resignation by dismissing on Joel. Ayaw namin ng PLASTIC. Tapos na ang panahon ng mga sinungaling at kurap. Panahon na ng pagbabago.

You only fired the mounting rage in our heart by trying to kill truth and justice. But, we will not DIE until THE OMBUDSMAN RESIGNS!

You are an LP protector, Pnoy loyalist, an ombudsman who plays politics, biased toward De Lima and the LP. And Joel is your SACRIFICIAL LAMB.

You are knit picking. And after picking on BATO now you rush to SACRIFICE Joel to SAVE FACE and kill the rage mounting up for you to RESIGN! KAPLASTIKAN!

We are not protecting Joel. Investigate him all you want. HE BELIEVES truth and justice WILL PREVAIL. And It is in your power to do so.




Salamat po sa gumawa ng comics!

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