JUST IN: Blakdyak Found Dead In Sampaloc Home

Singer-comedian Blakdyak or Joseph Formoran Amoto in real life was found dead inside his rented room in Sampaloc, Manila on Monday, November 21.
Blakdyak Found Dead

According to the police, Blakdyak's son found the lifeless comedian at around 6 p.m., GMA News reported.

His head was covered with a plastic bag.

Blakdyak is the singer behind famous '90s novelty hits, such as "Modelong Charing," "Noon At Ngayon," and "Asin At Paminta."

He was married to Twinkle Formaran with whom he has four children.

GMA News correspondent James Agustin on Twitter said:
Twinkle Formaran, asawa ni Blakdyak: "Dapat may gig siya tonight. Tumawag ang anak ko. Hindi ako makapaniwala na wala na siya."
Twinkle Formaran, asawa ni Blakdyak: "Wala kaming problema mag-asawa. Napaka-sweet niya. Ayaw niya na umiiyak at namomoblema ako." 
As of the moment, the police were still investigating and have not determined whether there was foul play in the comedian's death.