LOOK: This Is How De Lima Deeply Hurt By Ex-Lover, Driver Dayan

Senator Leila De Lima admitted that she was deeply hurt as the House probe investigating the illegal transaction inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) delve on her personal life particularly her relationship with her former driver and security aide Ronnie Dayan.
De Lima's statement on Dayan's testimonies
She revealed that she did not watch the entire House probe for she believed this is just a way to divert public attention from the real and more important issues, according to her official Facebook page.

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The then Justice secretary firmly denied all accusation against her despite her former driver revealed that the senator used her to received money from Kerwin Espinosa.

On her statement:
“I did not watch the entirety of my public hanging. It’s a spectacle that diverts us from more important national issues, and I don’t believe I am one. But soon, I will face my detractors.

The glaring inconsistencies of statements from all “witnesses” in the House inquiry to this Bilibid Prison drug trade conspiracy speak for itself.
“I refuse to indulge my accusers by addressing their web of lies and desperate attempts to implicate me as a corrupt public servant.

“As a woman, it breaks my heart that my private life and personal relationship have become subject of the public and Congress’ ridicule.

“No woman, whoever or whatever she may be, whether a sitting senator or a humble secretary, deserves to be betrayed, to be treated with so much disrespect and without dignity, before the public eye, by any man she is with or had a relationship with.

“It is a shame that those I trusted fell into the trap of power, deceit, fear and intimidation that they found it necessary to lie and twist truths to save themselves.”