Editor’s WITTY Remarks On Why He Needs To Respect SC Decision On Marcos Burial, Must Read!

"...the law may be harsh, but it is the law."
respect sc decision on marcos burial

Amid of the divided reactions about the burial of the late dictator, associate editor of Philippine Graphics has spoken up.

On his Facebook post, Fil Elefante explained why he needs to respect the decision of Supreme Court

I also don't like the SC decision but I have to accept it. But I will grumble and pout while doing so.

As an aside... since that corpse was brought back to the country, the lock on the door leading to a burial at LNMB wasn't changed. I've said before, I will say it again... those who had the authority to close the legal loopholes did nothing. That could've been done by executive order or legislation. That's where the will of the people can be reflected. That's the political process. The opportunity was squandered.

The SC had no choice but to work within the existing legal framework. And the work done by the SC Justices reflected that.Was it moral? I think not. But "the law may be harsh, but it is the law."

The law could've been changed.

Indignation was not enough. Rallies were not enough. The legal loopholes were left open. They should've been shut, the locks changed then the key.thrown away.

How hard would it have been to insert the phrase "ousted from office" as a disqualification from being buried at the LNMB?That is something the SC cannot do. And that's part of why I will grumble..
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