WATCH: Guy Who Sings Both Male & Female Part Of A Song Will Make You Wow!

mall goer with two voices

If we can have a national talent in the Philippines that could have been singing, kidding aside!

But this random goer in a mall proved how talented Filipinos are when it comes to singing.

Hitting every high-note in the song 'The Prayer', this guy showed how versatile his voice is, singing both parts for male and female of the song. Isn’t that amazing?

He was identified as Amiel Orio who also have youtube videos where you can find him singing. You should search him on Youtube to see more of his talent!

The video was posted by Team Philippines Facebook page and now garnered almost 10 million views, 270,000 likes and over 260,000 shares.

WATCH: Filipino Mall Goer sings "The Prayer" with 2 Voices (Ma...
Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli in ONE Body! WATCH: Filipino Mall Goer sings "The Prayer" with 2 Voices (Man & Woman) He is Amiel Orio (c) Patricia Ramoso Pamangkin
Posted by Team Philippines on Friday, November 18, 2016

Netizens couldn’t help but admire his voice prowess.

On the comment section:

I want this guy to appear as guest on Ellen de Generes that would be real awesome!!!
Wow, you've got a Golden Tenor Beautiful two Voices & this is very much rare to a certain singer. We are so amazed & inspired when you sing. It's really awesome. Remember, GOD has given you this wonderful talent, so use it for the good of Him & to others. God bless you and be Christ-Centered. God bless us all & Mabuhay Philippines! Wow,I've heard this song done by a lot of different artist,but I've never heard it done by just one person!!!Awesome!!!;-D