Liza Diño Blasts Baron Geisler For Urinating Fellow Actor, “Sumosobra ka na!”

Liza Diño-Sequerra lashed out controversial actor Baron Geisler for urinating fellow actor Ping Medina in a scene of the upcoming independent film Bubog.
Liza Diño Blasts Baron Geisler For Urinating Fellow Actor, “Sumosobra ka na!”

On her Facebook post, enraging Liza showed her utmost disgust to Geisler and said “sumusobra ka na.”

Baron Geisler, SUMUSOBRA KA NA. INIHIAN mo sa mukha ang co-actor mo sa eksena WITHOUT his consent? You have gone way...
Posted by Liza Diño-Seguerra on Monday, November 28, 2016

Ping Medina then commented on Liza’s post:
Thank you so much. This made me cry

Meanwhile, Baron also commented on the post:

Ayaw ma judge sana don kayo. May bts. Check it out. Pag mali ako aaminin ko. Pero sa stunt na ginawa nyo. Hay so low. Lalaban ako. Let's see who's telling the truth!

Liza also responded on Baron’s comment

You did it WITHOUT his consent. If you are a PROFESSIONAL actor, you will not do this. No justification Baron. People may tell me Im taking this personal. Pero hindi pa ko head ng council, napakarami ng reklamo against you but THEY LET YOU GET AWAY WITH IT. Look where it brought you? Wala kang respeto sa sarili mo at sa trabaho mo. I have a responsibility to this industry. And it is to make sure that we can all work safely together ng may respeto sa bawat isa. Kung hindi AKO, Sino ang magsasalita about this. NO. You should be sanctioned.

A lengthy Facebook post from Ping Medina has gone viral as he recalled how Geisler urinated him during a scene

"Umagos ito. Basang basa ang shirt ko. Umagos ito hanggang sa bibig ko. Buti may nakatakip na tape," he narrated.

As of the moment, Ping’s post garnered over 100,000 likes.

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This is not the first time that Baron was involved on certain controversy. He was infamous being an alcoholic individual.