LOOK: ABS-CBN News Article WRONGLY Translated Duterte’s Statement, Uh-Oh!

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ABS-CBN News Article WRONGLY Translated Duterte’s Statement

Another article from ABS-CBN News has put to limelight after a political analyst observed the incorrect translation of President Rodrigo Duterte's statement.

Hitting around 3,000 likes, the article shared by Antonio Contreras on Facebook has gone viral. On his post:

Yan lang pantakot niya sa akin. Hindi sya magpabili ng armas? eh karaming de bomba dito" is what the President said.

And ABS-CBN translated it as "They're (US) using it to scare me. They don't want to sell their weapons? We have a lot of bomb makers here."

Lechugas naman. De bomba means air gun and not bomb maker. And these are serious legit journalists and professional editors with degrees in journalism.

Now, they have made it appear that the President was making a threat.

Panginoon kong mahabagin.
Netizens also quickly reacted on the post:

'Haaayyyy sabagay kahit ano man ang sabihin ni Duterte, gagawan naman talaga ng ibang istorya! Sus ginoo!  
'One of the sources of de bomba is Danao ...alam naman ng ABS CBN yan at silang mga journalist gumawa na ng documentary niyan....
'As there are 'lihisgators' (wayward legislators with appetites of greedy alligators) in congress, there are those who are 'nalihis na journalists.' The erstwhile much-admired Karen Davila is one such journo who has stooped into this direction. 
Meanwhile, the article was already edited and corrected. There is no longer translation on the quote said by Duterte.

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