After Burial, Marcos 'Body' Is Still In Ilocos, OMG! See This Shocking Truth!

It has long been a debatable issue whether the body of Marcos in the mausoleum in Batac, Ilocos Norte is real or wax.
Marcos 'Body' Is Still In Ilocos

But a report from Rappler revealed that the day of Marcos' burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani on Thursday, a visitor in the mausoleum saw Marcos' figure was still there.

Marcos loyalists felt cheated about it.

However, a source who was part of the burial preparation for the late president Ferdinand Marcos explained that they 'left' a replica prior to the burial of the late dictator
“Friday early morning, the body was switched. So ‘yung katawan na nandun na nakita ng media was actually a decoy. It was a replica. So the reason why they opened the mausoleum at 11 am is to show na it’s normal, andun ba ‘yung katawan ang everything. Alam ko there’s 2 or 3 replicas nung katawan,” said the source who doesn't want to be identified.

“I’m actually tempted to say that if the coffin is filled with chocolates and candies, people would believe me. But I bet on my life that it’s really the actual body [that was buried],” added the source.
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