Ex-Altar Boys Filed Case On Alleged SEXUAL Abuse Against Priests, SHOCKING!

Priests from a Catholic church in Guam are now facing lawsuit after a group of former altar boys claimed that they were molested.
SEXUAL Abuse Against Priests

Archbishop Anthony Apuron was accused by four men who had separate claims that they were molested by the priest when they were children.

However, Apuron denied the accusation.

The other lawsuit accused priest Louis Brouillard of abused by another former altar boy.

"The lawsuits will cause the church to remove the cancer caused by these pedophile priests and restore the Catholic church to its rightful glory," said lawyer David Lujan, who is handling all four cases.
Lujan told reporters it would help the plaintiffs by providing "healing of decades-old feelings of fear, embarrassment, shame, hatred and blaming oneself."

The lawsuits will not cause the destruction of the church. After all, the church has outlived every empire and civil government known to man. The church will reform itself and become even greater.
Meanwhile, a US priest, Bishop Michael Byrnes, was nominated by the Vatican to take over Apuron’s duties by the end of the month while the case is being invested as reported by InterAksyon.