REMARKABLE Points Of A Lawyer On Who Should Be BLAME On Marcos Burial, Ohhhh...

"Who exactly is to blame for a Marcos burial in LNMB?"
Who Should Be BLAME On Marcos Burial

The Supreme Court has already put an end to the long-debatable issue of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ Burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB)

And their decision? Seven voted to bury Marcos in LNMB which means SC allowed the burial of Marcos to the cemetery of heroes .

Lawyer Trixie-Angeles Cruz posted on Facebook on who should be blamed on the decision of SC.

Who exactly is to blame for a Marcos burial in LNMB?

Lets see: 1. No convictions of the Marcos family for graft. Pero we know that if some people put their minds to it, the way they did during a CJ's impeachment, this would have established precedent.Note: this also means that Haydee Yorac should be canonized for making the most serious dent in the recovery of ill gotten wealth.

2. No rules in LNMB preventing a Marcos burial. Cory was the first to say no, but no legislation or rules to put that into an enforceable law was ever created or enforced. Nagawan nga na wag pauwiin, di naisip na gawan ng rules na wag ilibing dito?

3. The lack of history taught and learned. I'm not just talking about this martial law period. We are a people illiterate in our own history. And the passage of time has done little to address it. We have not been taught to love our country because we know so little of it. Some say this makes us easier to govern. Perhaps. And we must now live with the consequences of that.