INTERESTING Remarks Of A Political Analyst On Marcos Burial, “Democracy Did Not Die”

The Supreme Court has already issued their decision in favor of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos in Libingan ng mga Bayani.
ferdinand marcos burial

But this decision has brought mixed reactions among Filipinos. While others are rejoicing particularly the Marcos Family and the Marcos loyalists, the other side of coin says that the decision is a death of democracy.

That’s why political analyst Antonio Contreras could not keep a mum and shared his sentiment over the issue.

Democracy did not die today. The rule of law prevailed.

For in a democracy, the final arbiter are the courts, and legal issues are not up to a popular vote, nor is arbitrated according to the whims and caprices of political families, or the pains and the need for restitution by victims.If you say democracy died today, maybe you have to look deep in your hearts. Maybe it died there when you could not respect the rule of law, because you could not accept it.
On his other Facebook post, he insisted:

Marcos burial at the Libingan does not rewrite history. It does not make him a hero. It doesn't change minds of people for or against him.It only adds a narrative that was written by a Court that decided according to the law.

I have been partial to a Marcos burial because it is allowed by law.

Its just that the Court affirmed my belief.

But had the Court decided otherwise, I would have respected it the same way I respected their ruling on Grace Poe.

You say Marcos killed democracy. That is why you hated him until now.

Then be consistent and celebrate democracy by respecting the Court even if you disagree with it.

To do less will be a disservice to the very democracy you value.
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