BITTER? See This HARSH Statement Of Sen. Trillanes To POPULAR Pres. Duterte, GRRR!

Amid of the criticism for his style of leadership, President Rodrigo Duterte remained popular based on trending topics online on social media and popularity survey three months into his term.
HARSH Statement Of Sen. Trillanes to Pres. Duterte

However, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV strongly believes that the popularity of President Duterte will eventually wane once they “realize” the truth about Duterte as reported by ABS-CBN News.

“In the case of the EJKs (extrajudicial killings), the stench is so bad, no matter how you cover it up or spray perfume around it, it will continue to come out and stick. So it's just a matter of time,” Trillanes said in an interview on ANC Beyond Politics.

The thing with a very popular president is people would give him always some leeway, the benefit of the doubt but eventually it will wear out. And the truth, once it's pounded on them and once they realize, then things will change.
Furthermore, he said that other lawmakers in the Senate are already showing opposition on how Duterte ruled the country.

Yung boses na talagang matingkad ay hindi pa gaanong lumalabas, but in whispers there are those who are opposed to what President Duterte is doing.

As you've been noticing lately, the voices, the dissenting voices are getting louder everyday. Maraming nagsasalita. And ganun yun eh. Traditionally kung nasaan yung taumbayan, nandodoon yung mga politiko. Meron lang mga trailblazers, so to speak.

But to be fair to the other senators and congressmen out there, in private conversations they're sharing the sentiment and the disappointment of the others who have been seeing what's wrong in this country right now.

Probably one more major blunder that could be a deal-breaker for a lot of our people, that's one. For some, they want to be more scientific, they're waiting for the surveys. They want an accurate indicator of the pulse of the people.

Once they feel that President Duterte is no longer popular, then they start bashing away. Remember, 2019 is the midterm elections, so probably the senators who intend to run again in 2019 would carefully calibrate their positions.
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