LOOK: Singaporean Boss Supports, Takes Care Pinay Domestic Helper In Hospital, Touching!

It’s payback time.
Madam Dora Sern praying for her domestic helper Felicidad Muna Mico in hospital.

After spending 25 years of service to her Singaporean boss’ family, 57-year-old Feliciada Muna Mico suffered from a sudden haemorrhagic stroke.

She was rushed to the Changi General Hospital (CHG) and was sent immediately to its Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

This unfortunate incident made the role of Madam Dora Sern and Mico to be reversed.

Instead of leaving her in the hospital, Madam Dora Sern and her family extended their hands to their long-time nanny.

On a photo below, Madam Sern was seen massaging her employee of 25 years.

Madam Sern massaging Madam Mico's affected foot.

According to a report of Straits Time, Muna was the one who help Madam Sern in raising her three children since her boss was so busy on her work.

Her children also extended their time and help take care their nanny in the hospital.

But the hospital bill continued to pile up. Mico’s bill will cost an estimate of $55,000.

That’s why Sern decided to raise fund for her helper through the crowd-funding site Give Asia

As of now, she already raised more than $9,000.

They hope to raise at least $86,600 to cover Mico’s rehabilitation care in her country, Philippines and basic provision for her family for a year.

Madam Sern also narrated how they found out the incident about their nanny: "My oldest son, Eugene, was the one who discovered her unconscious. He thought she was just resting but realised something amiss when he tried to wake her up for dinner.

I couldn't stop crying when I saw her in the ICU, and I would break down again every time I was at home. I couldn't cry in front of her because I had to put up a strong front."

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