This GOOD NEWS For Public Teachers Will Make Them HAPPIER on Christmas, YEAH!

Christmas would be happier this time around for public school teachers!
teachers bonus

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) announced that public school teachers will received bonuses ranging from P34,000 to P64,000, a doubled figure from what they got on the previous year.

“A teacher with a basic salary of P19,077 awaits the following perks: a minimum of P5,000 in performance-based bonus (PBB); a year-end bonus worth P19,077; P5,000 in cash gift and another P5,000 as productivity enhancement incentive (PEI)”, according to TDC chair Benjo Basas in a report in Inquirer.
But for those teachers who receive a maximum amount of P35,000 in PBB is expected to get a maximum amount of P64,077 by this time.

“The PBB, year-end bonus and cash gift will all be released this month while the PEI will be given in December,” he added.
The PBB is part of the productivity-based incentive system under the Salary Standardizaiton Law-3. A bonus ranging from P5,000 to P35,000 can be received by teachers and employees under this depending on the performance of their school.

The bonus is expected to be given by all public teachers by the end of this year.

This is certainly a wonderful news for teachers who have spent their time serving and teaching the young generation to be next future leaders of this nation.

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