This Must Be The BEST Statement of Gordon To End The Marcos’s Burial Issue, MUST READ!

Senator Richard Gordon has something to say in the decision of Supreme Court, granting the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).
Statement of Gordon To End The Marcos’s Burial Issue

SC decision has caused several protests among the anti-Marcos while joy for the Marcos loyalists.

On Saturday, Gordon emphasized that the Philippines must “move on” and should focus on other important matters.

He said that Filipinos have to focus on the country’s development and to other people especially the poor in an interview by ABS-CBN News.

The SC last Tuesday rejected the petition seeking to prevent the burial of Marcos in LNMB with 9 judges in favor of the burial.

The news about the SC decision immediately trended on various social media sites where netizens were divided over the decision.

But the Palace respects the decision of the SC and said the issue will allow the country to "move forward and continue forging a nation that is peaceable, just, and fair to all.”

However, victims of human rights violations during the martial law were devastated on the matter. Hashtag #neveragain and #Marcosnothere also went viral on social media to sympathize the martial law victims.
They cried foul, and said that they will continue their pursuit for "higher justice."

Even former President Fidel V. Ramos insisted that the Marcos Family needs to apologize for the victims of martial law.

On his interview with GMA News, he said:

"Address [the apology] to all the descendants of the victims, whether or not there is an investigation, to show sincere desire to discard, reject and eliminate already all the dictatorial tendencies and happenings during that period," Ramos said.

"Kung kakalimutan 'yun o iismolin o binabalewala 'yan (EDSA People Power Revolution), para mong binabalewala 'yung paghihirap, pagsisikap, kontribusyon ng mga sundalo at mga pulis kagaya namin," he said.
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