This QUESTIONNABLE Column Says Duterte Supporters Is Part of Minority, Grrr!

..."This will not change anything, but they better realize that, despite winning the election, they are still the minority."
duterte supporters part of minority

An article from Inquirer on its op-ed blatantly named President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporter as part of Minority, emphasizing that the President did not received votes equating to half of the population of the Philippines.

On the article of the certain Rocky Denoga:

While in a grocery store, I overheard an elderly lady complaining about President Duterte’s “war on drugs.” In reaction, another senior citizen commented: “Well, we, the Filipino people, voted for him, so we are to blame for that.” The lady replied, “Yes, we voted for him, now we regret it, although I myself did not vote for him.”

Silently I agreed:  “We, the people,” voted for Mr. Duterte, since I am part of the people. But I, too, did not vote for him as I saw him morally unfit to lead the country. Later on, I got to thinking: Is it correct to say, “we, the people,” voted for Mr. Duterte?

So, I checked the internet for the final 2016 presidential election results and got the following: Rody  Duterte—15,970,018 or 38.6 percent of the total votes; Mar Roxas—9,700,382  or 23.4 percent;  Grace Poe—8,935,733 or 21.6 percent; Jojo Binay—5,318,249 or 12.9 percent; and Miriam Santiago—1,424,521 or 3.9 percent. In other words, the combined votes for the losers constituted 61.3 percent of the total votes cast versus Mr. Duterte’s 38.6 percent.
Now, is it not more appropriate to say, “We, the people, did not vote for Mr. Duterte?” For is it not that the “majority” is at least 50 percent of the votes plus one?

President Duterte and his followers had better remember that. This will not change anything, but they better realize that, despite winning the election, they are still the minority.
Netizens quickly reacted on the article and said the following:

Ridiculous mathematics.... hindi ibig sabihin mababa sa 50 percent nakuha ni duterte minority votes dahil election nga eh.. isa laban sa apat at hindi ibig sabihin na ang apat ay iisa. Ang boto ni mirian hindi boto ni roxas ang boto ni roxas hindi kay poe ang boto ni poe hindi kay binay kaya hindi ibig sabihin kung iipunin mo lahat talo si duterte. Magisip naman kayo ng makatao hindi ung pangbulsa iniisip nyo ganyan ba kyo kahirap at sabik na sabik sa PERA anak ng pucha oh eto bente dagdag mo.
Ano tawag nyo sa presidency ni Pnoy noon? Ang panghi ng opinyon na ito. Naninilaw na sa dumi. In a multi-party system, you expect a majority president? Kung manok mo ang nanalo, would this even be published? Let them go straight to MalacaƱang and ask PRRD to put them under oath... They're so good at rallies but they can't even do that. Puhlease. Their VP cannot even fulfill her role tasked to head the HUDCC for the Yolanda housing, what are these yellow really capable of?
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