This Suggestion On How To Keep Kerwin Espinosa Alive Is BRILLIANT. Must Read!

"We need him alive."
how to keep kerwin espinosa alive

After the death of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa on Saturday, November 5, many were afraid for the life of his alleged drug lord son, Kerwin, for he is also the person who could pin down the personalities who received the drug money.

With regards to this issue, an open letter to President Rodrigo Duterte from Sass Rogando Sasot, went viral on social media after she suggests that "extraditing him back to the Philippines would be too risky."

Here's what Sasot posted on her Facebook page, please read.

Dear President Duterte,

Please explore the possibility of having Kerwin Espinosa tried in a special court, established by an international treaty between the UAE and the Philippines. Or perhaps you could establish a court within the premises of the Philippine embassy in the UAE - that is after all still Philippine territory. Extraditing him back to the Philippines would be too risky.

We need him alive.

Commenter on her posts agreed with her telling,

I agree, Ms. Sass. Dito sa UAE walang gagalaw sa kanya at di pwede masuhulan mga police dito. Hope may coordination UAE at Philippines para di mapiligro at mabubunyag ni Kerwin ang mga drug lords at drug protectors. Or pwede kaya online at live nila si Kerwin while interrogating him?
Hindi maganda to .

A high profile inmate who holds information to pin down the main kontrabida , got eliminated .

Search Warrant served at 4am, jail guards na ayaw mgppasok, preso na may baril, kakosang may drugs. The fact that Espinosa stand as a key witness ,he should have been kept on a secured facility.

Wag sana mging komportable at kampante Ang gobyerno. Masyadong tahimik Ang puno ng kadilawan. Sa sobrang tahimik ngawang gumalaw at maglinis Ang mga galamay.

Beware. Maybe the yellow trolls are just distractions
Nice idea Sass, definitely he will have the same fate with his father if he is brought back to Philippines without making him confess in court! Unless he really want it that way...
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