To Those Who Compare Trump With Duterte, This Is What Makes Them TOTALLY Different!

Trump and Duterte are different...
What makes trump totally different from Duterte

Political Analyst Antonio Contreras expressed his opinion over the matter of how people tried to compare the now President of the United States Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

On his Facebook post that went viral, he explained:

Those who compare Trump with Digong should not forget that a foul mouth and a tendency towards misogyny may be the only common for them. And in the latter, Digong does not even have the level of pussy-groping that Trump is capable of.

But Trump carries with him an offensive stance towards minorities -- blacks, Asians, Latinos, and on Muslims. This is what makes him totally different from our President.
Trump was just recently announced to have won the US presidential race. Though some were surprised by the result, Contreras believes:

No. Democracy did not die with Trump winning.
It just went back to its roots.Didn't Aristotle call it as a flawed form of rule?
I am imagining a cartoon where President Duterte talks to Americans saying: "And you thought I was bad. Look what you've just elected."
Netizens even can’t keep a mum over the matter:

I'm apprehensive of Trump. As I see it, he's worse than Obama. And there's a likelihood he and Pres. Duterte would clash. Hope I'm wrong.
Never been so sad and numbed and shamed by election results like now. I wonder how this divided country can go from here! So help us Lord!
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