UP Alumnus Shared How He Regretted Taking Part In EDSA II, You’ll Strongly Agree On This!

A former UP student’s story has made rounds on the internet and has gone crazily viral.
Benedict Exconde graduated with a degree in Economics in University of the Philippines – Diliman, shared how he took part on EDSA – People Power Revolution II to oust the then President Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada from his position.

On his viral Facebook post:

When I and other UP students took part in the rally that removed President Estrada in 2001, I felt proud for what I thought then was standing up for what was right, which was to remove an errant and corrupt leader. Idealism was at an all time high back then. Add the UP pride too.

Years later, I realized that joining that rally was a mistake. Our idealism as youths was taken advantage of by the politicians and the oligarchs. Our gullibility and idealism as youths, especially by us from UP, were used to violate the rule of law and satisfy the caprices of a few.

Almost 16 years since that happened, I can't help but feel sorry and enraged on how the youths are being used again by the opportunists.
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He emphasized on how he deeply regretted on taking part the revolution, realizing that he was just used and taken advantage by selfish politicians who wanted to get the powerful position.

His post has over 7,000 likes, 130 comments, and 5,000 shares.

Netizens also said their part:

Never happen again!its always the by product where regret realize,to the youth brothers and sisters don't be fooled or mislead by the OLIGaRCHS and dirty politicians ,they will bring us to misery! Be smart enough in making such move
Usually ung sponsor ,financier ung makikinabang sa end result. The purpose maybe good but the end result would always be the one to be abused by the opportunist. Kaya nalalabelan na bayaran kasi funded yan. Di gagalaw o lalaki ng ganyan kung walang magfifinance.
Thats what it means to be victims of politics.. Sometimes knowing whats right for u now doesnt tantamount to whats best for u later.. So better step back two or three and see the bigger picture.. Now we have pressing issues to check into.. Use what we have learn from the lectures of the past (that is if the past u know is true) and decide..