VIRAL: Woman BLAST De Lima, "She's Is Not A FEMINIST, But A PALINIST", Uh-Oh!

After Sen. Leila De Lima admitted in an exclusive interview with Winnie Monsod on "Bawal ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie" that she had a past relationship with her driver and bodyguard Ronnie Dayan, different reactions came out on social media.
De Lima is not a feminist, but a palinist

Sen. De Lima described her involvement with her driver as "frailties of a woman."

According to De Lima, relationship was borne of the trust that developed between them.

When asked how long the relationship lasted, she answered: "A few years."

Krizette Laureta Chu, in particular, has an interesting thought about this issue.

On a Facebook post, she said:

De Lima is not a feminist, but a palinist.

Sa totoo lang, if one of our male senators were caught cheating with a married female employee, say, his secretary or househelper, mas galit tayo ngayon. Pag sinabi nyang, "Frailties of a man!" Gabriela and the world would have skinned him alive.

That, fake feminists, is the double standard you refuse to acknowledge; feminism only when it suits you or is convenient to you.

How many times have we used our womanity--and our beauty--to get out of trouble? How many times have we used the perceived "frailties of a woman" to our advantage?

How many times have we practiced benevolent feminism, or soft feminism?

The feminism our grandmothers fought for is not Leila de Lima's brand of feminism. There's actually a term for that: PALINISM. Yes, because De Lima is not Miriam Defensor Santiago. She's Sarah Palin.

Palinism is defined as taking advantage of feminism for personal gain without supporting the rights of other women.

Palinism is using feminism as a way out.

De Lima has used feminism as a way out so she can avoid explaining her crimes and cases.

If you are with her (as in hashtag #LabanLeila #everywoman #imwithher), only because she's a woman, you need to stop thinkig about the world in terms you barely even understand.

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