WATCH: Hundreds Of INCOMPLETE Yolanda Housing Units Will Shock You!

INCOMPLETE Yolanda Housing Units

Nearly three years after super typhoon Yolanda left Tacloban devastated, Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo said that her department only has P30 million left to assist the survivors of the super typhoon.

“Only P30 million is left with DSWD, this is obviously not enough when close to 200,000 still do not have emergency shelter assistance” almost three years since the killer storm struck on November 8, 2013, Taguiwalo said in an interview over radio station dzMM.

“We’re asking if there are other government agencies holding on to Yolanda donations that we can tap to allocate for ESA.  Otherwise, what can P30 million do for the 200,000 families?” she added on a report from InterAksyon.
Taguiwalo also shared the problem why Yolanda victims from Region 6 or Western Visayas and Region 8 or Western Visayas hardly received emergency assistance.

“The problem is (the Aquino administration) imposed many conditions before the release of ESA. To me, if your house is damaged because of Yolanda, you should be entitled to government assistance,” she said.
According to the Foreign Aid Transparency Hub, the country received P17,233,297,910 in foreign aid, in cash and kind, channeled through government and nongovernmental agencies.

Despite of the huge amount of donations, the Yolanda victims appeared to be deprived from assistance they are hoping.

Several groups and agencies have asked Secretary Taguiwalo to audit Yolanda funds and asked to penalize people who misused the funds.

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