You Could RELATE On This FUNNY Extra Rice Story Of These Guys In A Fastfood Chain, LOL!

A video showing a group of friends eating in a fast food chain easily went viral as it appeared that a lot of people could actually relate.
FUNNY Extra Rice Story

With over 4.1 millions views, 79, 000 shares, and 14,000 comments, the funny video showed how the group of friends brought out their casserole containing rice to make it their extra rice as they ran out of rice.

Kapit ka sa akin extra rice pa more! p1
Posted by Wesley C. Pangilinan on Sunday, November 13, 2016

The video, uploaded by certain Wesley Pangilinan, ended up with a burst of laughter coming from the guys as they continue to get rice from the casserole.

Well, Filipino meal would never be complete without rice. And if you are eating in a fast food chain, a usual price for extra rice could be pricey. So why not just bring your own casserole of rice? Kidding!

Don’t worry! The video does not suggest it at all for it appeared that it was all out of fun.