Interesting Insights On Why 'Anti-Duterte People Power' Won't Work, Must Read!

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anti-duterte people power won't work
Thinking Pinoy on Facebook shared his insight on why anti-Duterte people power won't work.

In a viral post with more than 3,500 shares as of this writing, he said:


People Power works ONLY IF the Police and the Military defects to the protesters' side. EDSA 1 worked because Juan Ponce Enrile (AFP) and Fidel Ramos (Constabulary) defected. EDSA 2 worked because Angelo Reyes (AFP) and Panfilo Lacson (PNP) defected. Now, will Visaya or Bato defect and join the LP-led #MarcosBurialProtest?

Remember that Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy)'s incompetence and negligence caused Mamasapano where 44 cops died ( His government also withheld funds worth P 18-b for AFP retirees and their widows ( Oh, and just look at the image below.

Will any self-respecting soldier or policeman wish to go back to the way things were?

Aquino vs Duterte

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Commenters quickly agreed on Thinking Pinoy telling:

Not to mention their aumento de sueldo... our President is so much concern of their family's well being, their kids scholarships grants and modernizing health facilities on military camps, President Duterte boost their morals and are proud to protect our country. Hopefully, more youth are now motivated to be on that organization which General Bato loves so much.
basta ba magkaisa lng tayo na sumuporta sa ating mahal na Pangulo, aminin man natin hahanap at hahanap ng paraan ang mga elitista mga dilawan gagamit ng pera para udyukan ang mga uto utong pilipino, sa pamamagitan narin sa pag lihis at paninira ng main stream media,
All I can see in those rallies are a bunch of stupid people, 5-6 years from now they will see themselves on how stupid they were back in those days.