Cayetano's Response To Leni's Dare Might Put Her And LP To Shame, Uh-Oh!

Sen. Cayetano finally speaks up...
Cayetano's Response To Leni's Dare
In a sit-down interview with the Inquirer Group on Thursday, Vice-president Leni Robredo said Senator Alan Peter Cayetano's support for President Rodrigo Duterte should not hinder the indignation he showed towards the late Ferdinand Marcos and his family during the campaign.

VP Robredo challenge Sen. Cayetano to speak up against the Marcoses, particularly the burial of the family’s late president, in spite of his loyalty to President Duterte.

On that note, today, December 9, Sen. Cayetano finally speaks up on VP Robredo's challenge.

In a viral Facebook post, Sen. Cayetano slammed VP Robredo, challenging her back to “stop campaigning and thinking of The Presidency” and instead “help attract investments, build infrastructure, create jobs and redistribute wealth in our country.”

For your reference, kindly read Sen. Cayetano's full post on Facebook below.

Response To Ma'am Leni:

Thank you for the challenge. Let me assure you I am doing what I can, in the manner that I believe I can be most effective.

Let me return the favor and also challenge you with the following:

Ask how and why the drug problem got so bad and out of control.

Call out and demand that your LP allies involved in illegal drugs resign and be jailed.

Ask for justice for the SAF 44.

Ask for justice for tanim bala victims.

Ask for an investigation and justice on MRT anomalies.

Expose other LP personalities' involvement in graft and corruption.

Ask for an investigation why despite expensive fees in the airport in the past admin, no CCTVs were purchased and installed.

Ask the PCIJ, Rappler and Inquirer to look into your donors and undeclared expenses during your campaign.

Ask ABS-CBN, and other media outlets that supported you to be fair and objective.

You were quiet about all of the above, but I respected your role and decision.

There's much more, but in a nutshell I challenge you to stop campaigning and thinking of The Presidency and help attract investments, build infrastructure, create jobs and redistribute wealth in our country.

Let's do it together.