Convincing Reasons Of A Lawyer Why De Lima Is Candidate For 'Flip-Flopping' Award

"There may be no awards for kowtowing to the president, but apparently there are for flip flopping."
de lima flip-flopping
Last Monday, Sen. Leila De Lima received an award in Washington D.C. “for standing up to an extremist leader” as one of the 13 global thinkers in the “Challengers” category under the 100 leading global thinkers for this year.

However, Sen. Richard Gordon slammed the lady senator over her award telling she was just “fishing” to “gain credibility”.

But then, in a tweet, Sen. De Lima hits back Sen. Gordon on Wednesday, December 14, telling:

I'm sorry there's no award for kowtowing to the President.
On that note, prominent lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles, on a Facebook post blasts Sen. De Lima and said:

There may be no awards for kowtowing to the president, but apparently there are for flip flopping.
Angeles even count the ways how Sen.De Lima caught flip-flopping.

Kindly read her complete statement below for your reference.

Dear Sen. Delima:

There may be no awards for kowtowing to the president, but apparently there are for flip flopping.

Shall we count the ways?

First, at the House hearing on Mamasapano, you said that the Chief Executive and Commander in Chief is immune from prosecution, (April 2015). Yet you filed a petition challenging the same presidential authority, but this time with President Duterte (07 November 2017).

You can argue the prerogative of a lawyer being an advocate who should always challenge established jurisprudence. Yet it is telling that you chose to uphold immunity for a president’s participation in the deaths of 44 police officers, and chose to challenge it for something a president has allegedly said. Talk about priorities. No immunity for mouthing off, but definitely immunity for murder or wrongful death?

Second, you saw nothing wrong with President Aquino naming and shaming sitting officials (23 July 2013), saying "Tama lang iyong 'naming and shaming' kasi mukhang hindi nga sila natatablan kahit nagfa-file tayo ng mga kaso," Yet later you saw everything wrong once it was you in the crosshairs being allegedly named and shamed, calling it “an abuse of executive power” (18 August 2016). Sige na nga, when it is you on the receiving end, abusive sya.

By the way, interesting choice of words. You seem to have found that only in this administration.

Third, lets talk about the rule of law. You have publicly espoused the rule of law, saying, ““We should not forget there should be no shortcuts in our campaign because our laws are still there, our Bills of Rights are still there, our courts, the National Prosecution Service, our judiciary,” YET you refused to abide by a Supreme Court Temporary Restraining Order that effectively allowed Gloria Arroyo to leave the country. Instead, claiming that you were not in receipt of said Order, you stopped Mrs. Arroyo from leaving. Yet even when shown the Order at a later date, Mrs. Arroyo was not allowed to leave. Isn’t that a shortcut? Saying that you weren’t in receipt of an Order from the high