LOOK: Free Drinking Water For Airport Passengers Goes Viral, Wow!

Good news!
Free drinking water for airport passengers

Airport passengers will surely love this!

It's been a while since this Facebook post went  viral.

A netizen named Martin Angelo Dideles, on Facebook, shared what he noticed when he once went to the airport.

In a Facebook post which already generated more than 11,300 shares, he reported that there is now a free drinking water in the airport exclusive for its passengers only.

According to him, before, you need to spend Php60 for a bottled mineral water, but now it's free! Aside from that, there's also free WiFi with 50mbps.

Kindly read his complete post about it.
Free drinking water for airport passengers!!! Bat di to naisip ni noynoy noon? Naalala ko noon you need to spend 60 pesos for a small mineral.. ngayon libre na tubig me baso pa, me wifi pa at 50MBps !!!

Mga nagrarally against kay digong wag kayo iinom ha, at wag mag wifi sa airport hehehe :)