You'll Surely Agree With Gordon's Message To Filipinos About Duterte And Our Country

This will make our country succeed.
Sen. Richard Gordon message to Filipinos
Senator Richard Gordon on a viral post has a wonderful advice to every Filipino.

It's about President Rodrigo Duterte and our country.

According to the image uploaded on his official Facebook page, it says:

Sen. Gordon advice

He also captioned it with:


To those who wish to take this President down, a word of caution, just because you say it, it doesnt mean it's the truth. You need evidence. It must be proven. Proof is not spoken, it is shown.

To the President, I say once again loose lips, sink ships. Make your actions speak louder than your words.
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Commenters who also agree on his message said:

That is exactly what im trying to explain to my employers ko here in Spain.Earlier on sir,napagusapan po namin ang Pangulong Duterte kasi nga napanood nila sa local tv dito ang sinabi niya na may pinatay daw siya.So,i tried to explain his style.That i( myself) is focus on what he does instead of what he says.He is a very good leader and we need him desparately at this point in time po.Mabuhay po kayo Senator..
Alam kong karapatdapat kayo sa boto ko..
Salamat po sir sa pagmamalasakit sa ating bayan..
Lets vote for him for president nxt to duterte he is a goodman to be a leader too ..
true p sir gordon....strategy lang ng presidente ang magingay para makakuha ng attention din pero yung talagang gusto ngyang gawin work work work build build build,,,,kung anong bilis ng bibig nya singbilis din ng kilos nya,,,,,,,kasi po yung iba maingay lang pero wala namang accomplishment gaya nyan nila delima at lugaw