13 Intriguing Points Tells Leni Is The 'Woman Who Does Nothing', Is This True?

leni-the woman who does nothing
A Facebook post accusing vice-President Leni Robredo "the woman who does nothing" is making the rounds online.

Mike Acebedo Lopez, Host and Executive Producer at OPEN MIKE, on his Facebook account, shared his sentiments about this matter.

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According to Lopez:

The woman who does nothing but:

1) Campaign even when elections are done;

2) Pose for magazine covers and photo-ops when someone else does her housing responsibilities (props to Presidential Assistant Michael Dino for completing in only 3 months the job Leni's supposed to do);

3) Plot with anti-Duterte people here and abroad while remaining in the President's cabinet;

4) Criticize and openly disagree with the President's policy statements while remaining in his cabinet;

5) Hold press conferences to give populist soundbites;

6) Hold press conferences to defend De Lima and her drug links;

7) Attack Bongbong Marcos, the true winner for vice president;

8) Attack the dead Ferdinand Marcos and show so much passion and hatred against him and his burial while showing no interest whatsoever in getting to the bottom of her husband's death, obviously an assassination masterminded by powerful officials of the previous administration (now her party mates) he was investigating as DILG secretary;

9) Use luxury items and designer bags, contrary to her supposedly simple persona;

10) Avoid issues of election fraud;

11) Evade questions on where she got the funds to emerge as the largest spender in the last elections, outspending even Mar Roxas himself (she says she did it through selling lugaw, etc.);

12) Jetset to different locations here and abroad with a coterie of hangers-on (a far cry from her riding the bus stunt, something she so tackily included in her campaign TVCs, because that's what genuinely humble people do);

13) Flirt with her boyfriend LP Congressman Bolet Banal, someone she's been seeing even before the elections but never cared to be transparent about to the Filipino electorate, instead she took a page from the Aquino Necropolitics Playbook and she used her popular dead husband to the hilt; atbp.