Organizers Of The Conference In Berlin Didn't Know That De Lima Is Under Investigation, OMG!

Former Department of Justice Secretary now Senator Leila De Lima will have her speech in The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin.
De Lima under investigation
However, Sass Rogando Sasot revealed in a Facebook post that the organizers of the said event didn't know that Sen. De Lima is currently under investigation for her alleged involvement in the illegal drvg trade.

Just in: The organizers of the conference on Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin na kung saan mag-speech si De Lima didn't know that she is currently investigated for her involvement in the illegal drug trade. Isa lang ibig sabihin nito. De Lima deliberately hid that information. What can we expect from her? She deliberately told Dayan not to attend a congressional hearing despite a subpoena against him.
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In a separate post, Sasot also tells how organizers of the Berlin Conference know about the investigation about Sen. De Lima.

How could the organizers of the Berlin Conference know about the investigation about De Lima? There is simply no news about that here in Europe. All the news here are about how evil Duterte is. So by the time Europeans heard about De Lima, they have already conditioned the minds of Europeans that De Lima is just being politically persecuted. The award De Lima received from the Foreign Policy magazine gave her another ace up her sleeve. Mark my words, if the warrant of arrest gets served against De Lima, the news reports would say that "Duterte, an extremist leader, arrests Foreign Policy Challenger awardee." Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD)
Some commenters asked:

Pano yan nalaman na nila? haha
But Sasot answered:

Wala na raw silang magagawa at na-invite na.
Last Monday, December 12, Sen. De Lima also received an award and was among the 100 Foreign Policy Global Thinkers recognized in Washington D.C.