President Duterte To 'Yellow' Rallyists: You Want Me Out Because You Can't Accept Defeat

"'Yung mga yellow diyan, nagde-demonstrate kayo diyan. You want me out kasi you cannot accept defeat"
duterte to yellow rallyists
During the United Nations Convention against Corruption in MalacaƱang, President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday, December 7 accused 'yellow' members of recent rallies of plotting his ouster and saying they could not accept defeat, GMA News reported.

"Ang plano ko is mag-resign na lang siguro ako," President Duterte said.

"'Yung mga yellow diyan, nagde-demonstrate kayo diyan. You want me out kasi you cannot accept defeat," he added.
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Though he didn't mention any names, the Liberal Party's used yellow as its official color in the May 2016 elections. This is the color of the defeated Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas and the current Vice-president of the Philippines Leni Robredo.

But then, President Duterte cleared the Left, which has also organized rallies against Marcos burial.

"Pero iyong masabi ang Left, they will never even allow me to step down, two steps to the ground. Iyang mga komunista at iyong mga NPA [New People's Army], puro Duterte iyan," he said.
He stress that the yellow rallyists wanted him out.

"Ito, pulitika ito eh. They wanted me out. Siyempre iyong Vice President... Eh 'di kayo. You've had your chance," he said.