Veteran Writer Reveals That Leni's Supporters Credit Grabbed The DSWD Relief Packs

Leni's Supporters Credit Grabbed The DSWD Relief Packs
A Facebook post from veteran writer, Inday Espina-Varona, went viral after she slammed Bangon Naga Facebook page, who according to her "claimed that DSWD relief goods were coursed through the Office of the Vice President."

She said:

Noel Leyco is a person I trust. But I still double checked to see first-hand an FB post he had complained of. Yup. Bangon Naga, the FB page, actually claimed that DSWD relief goods were "coursed through the Office of the Vice President." SCREENCAPs by me.

Noel Leyco notes: "her soc med operatives went busy giving the VP a desperate spin by falsely representing DSWD relief packs as having been coursed thru the Office of the Vice President. DSWD works with the LGUs by pre-positioning these relief goods for immediate distribution to the victims once the forecasted typhoon struck!"

Ugh. That's how you destroy your heroine, folks. (Meron pang iba, mangaaway lang ng DDS, itong misrepresentation pa ang nilagay, haaaay. With friends like you, Leni doesn't need enemies)

Another Bangon Naga post shows "On going packing of relief goods at Robredo residence." You should have left it at that. (Bangon Naga seems to be a semi-official page for disaster relief; it has posts announcing where to send donations in city hall, etc)

CAVEAT -- pls do NOT jump to conclusions. No sign that DSWD stocks have ended up in the Robredo repacking operation. Those are two separate posts.
bangon naga 1

bangon naga 2
Krizette Chu also shared Varona's post with caption:

Ah, this takes the cake.

Leni's supporters credit grabbed the DSWD relief packs as "coursed through the OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT."

Is there no limit to how low they can go? YUCK

What is irony? Irony is when you leave the country to plan the ouster of a legitimate, sitting, working President and then finding out you lost your credibility as a leader while you were away, scheming to be THE leader.

Upon your return, with tail between legs, you dont even have enough credibility to be a town mayor.

I toldja, Destiny brutally punishes anyone who stands on its way.

Give it up, LP. Give it up.
Meanwhile, DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo in an interview with Mocha Uson, said:

Wala na. Wala nang dinaanan na iba dahil hindi naman kailangan dumaan sa iba pa.

Hindi yun dumaan sa Office of the Vice President...
Kindly watch the full video below for your reference.

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