What VP Leni DID In Housing Was 'Beyond Bastos' And 'Ought To Be Criminal', Must Read!

You say the president is bastos? "The VP in Housing was a monumental waste of taxpayers money. That's beyond bastos. That ought to be criminal."
Leni Robredo ruder than the Duterte
On Vice-president Leni Robredo's trending resignation on Monday, December 5, a Facebook post from prominent lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles went viral after telling that the vice-president is ruder than the President because of this reason.

You want to call out the president for asking her not to attend cabinet meetings and that he did this through text? You say it's disrespectful? I call bull on that. I call a non performing public official a hell of a lot more disrespectful to the mandate of the office she occupies. I call it outright rude to the Filipino people that she contributed very little (and I'm being kind here) to deserve the post she was given.

You say the president is bastos? The VP in Housing was a monumental waste of taxpayers money. That's beyond bastos. That ought to be criminal.

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Commenters on Angeles' post can’t keep a mum over the issue and said:

Public officials should only focus doing there duty in serving the people, no need to be showbiz like para mapansin ng tao bayan.
She is more bastos for accepting the job she's not willing to perform.
finally she's gone..if she had just an iota of delicadeza she should have resigned earlier considering that she was never a teamplayer.pasalamat sya the president was gracious enough not to fire her outright..sabagay subtlety is sometimes more like a slap on the face that she deserves..there have been telltale signs of the president's "disgusto" w/ her performance(ex.the knee incident)-either she's naive or plain stupid not to have grasped & acted accordingly.stop highlighting that "plot to steal the vice presidency" because your victory is the one in question - that you are allegedly the product of the magical pcos machine - the result of the recount may find you eating back your words.this "print
model" should be well advised not to emulate the arrogance of her yellowmate deLIEma & just shut her mouth & do her best to perform the duties of the vice-president while she's still holding that post.you know why you are "kunyari nag-resign" - other than your ineptitude & incompetence "anaconda" ang peg mo sa Duterte administration...
As of writing, this viral Facebook post already generated more than 2,000 different reactions and 1,000 shares.