These Are The Alleged Emails Of Persons Involved In Oust Duterte Plot, Alunan Exposed!

"I can only bow my head in sadness."
Emails on oust Duterte plot
Since yesterday, when Sass Sasot and Thinking Pinoy exposed the email conversation from Yahoo groups of Global Filipino Diaspora Council, many Filipinos shocked this news and want to now more about the emails.

Unfortunately, the Yahoo group of Global Filipino Diaspora Council was now set to private and you can no longer access it unless you're a member of their group.

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However, former DILG secretary Rafael Alunan III posted on his Facebook account various screenshots of alleged emails and captioned it with:

This is quite an eye-opener. These are screenshots of emails being circulated in Facebook that provide a glimpse of the conspiracy from both ends of the Pacific Ocean to oust PRRD. Never mind democracy and the people's sentiments. I can only bow my head in sadness.
Here they are, please read.

email 2
email 2

email 3
email 4

email 5
 On the comment section, Alunan added:

it gives a clear indication where the psyops or black propaganda is coming from and who are orchestrating the destabilisation campaign leading to ouster. it confirms the allegations as to who are involved.
As of this writing, his Facebook post was shared more than 2,000 times and has generated more than 3,200 different reactions.