Another Leaked Email From Loida Lewis On How To Fight Plot To Unseat VP Leni Exposed!

Oops! I think it's time for Loida Lewis to explain.
Leaked Email From Loida Lewis
A few hours ago, we saw how Sass Sasot's Facebook post became a hot topic on social media where she exposed a leaked email from Vice-president Leni Robredo's team on how to make her look good despite criticisms against her.

Now, another leaked email went viral after Sasot shared it on her Facebook page.

She uploaded a screenshot of 'Part of Nicolas Lewis email dated 04 Debember 2016' from Thinking Pinoy's blog.
email from Nicolas Lewis
Sasot captioned it with this:


One of the emails in the Yahoogroup we accidentally stumbled upon is the 4 December message of Loida Nicolas Lewis, saying that:

"The only way to fight this evil Plot to unseat VP Leni is to ask Duterte to Resign."

Now, Loida is a well-connected and VERY Rich woman. What else could she do to pursue this "only way" in order to protect her investment, a.k.a. Leni Robredo? International media blitz, is one of them.

Certainly, they couldn't get Filipinos to have a mass protest to call for Duterte's resignation. So what's the next best thing to do? TO HAVE THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY CALL FOR DUTERTE'S RESIGNATION!

This explains why suddenly there is a surge of anti-Duterte media blitz meant to undermine the external legitimacy of Duterte. Remember: even old issues are being recycled, Fentanyl issue is being emphasised, Matobato resurrects from obscurity again with new delusions..

These are not all coincidences but most probably part of their efforts to pressure Duterte to Resign so they could install Loida's investment: Leni Robredo.

More about this in Thinking Pinoy:
In less than an hour, her Facebook post already generated more than 500 shares and 2,700 different reactions from her followers.