APEO: Generating A Hassle-Free Poll

Knowing the opinion of the majority really matters especially running a blog catered for Filipinos – be it their opinion in politics, sports, or trending stories.  And one of the best ways to know the voice of many is through an online poll.

Gone are the days for traditional poll. Technology makes it easier already to get instant answers from your readers or respondents.

Just like using APEO which allows you to seek opinions that matter through generating stylish and hassle-free online poll for free!

It’s simple, fast, and no chatter. That’s what I guarantee you.

It helps you generate poll according to your preference. You can edit its background that can fit your target audience.

So this is the quick and simple steps for you to create a poll in Apeo:

If you're an iphone users, you can download its iOS app like this: 

With this, you can immediately discover that majority’s viewpoint and learn what your readers have to say on certain topics.

Through Apeo, it can help me in seeking what most of my readers like when it comes to my content. Let’s say, I ask them in what topics - politics, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle – do they like the most.  After doing the poll, I will share it on my site’s Facebook page and see what most of my readers have to say.

Here's the example:

 Easy, right? And the good news is that you can generate as many poll as you like. You only need to sign up and create the poll that you like.