Chu Slams Commenter Who Says, 'Because Of Duterte, Cops Think They Can Get Away With Anything'

"...wag sisihin si Duterte sa impunity ng mga pulis dahil matagal ng may impunity ang mga iyan."
Chu Slams Commenter Who blames duterte
With regards to the supposed involvement of police officers in the kidnap and death of businessman Jee Ick Joo inside PNP headquarters at Camp Crame, an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Krizette Laureta-Chu, has an interesting remark to a commenter to said:

"Because of Duterte, cops think they can get away with anything."
Chu didn't mention the name of the commenter but based on her Facebook post, she slammed the comment with this answer:

Wala akong masabi sa nuknukang elitistang comment na ito. Wala.

Obviously, you never had to deal with evil, corrupt cops in your life para sabihin ito.

Do you know vendors in Sta Cruz and Quiapo regularly pay off some cops so cops leave them alone?

Do you know some cops "arrest" Chinese nationals in Sta Cruz or Quiapo on immigration issues and then releases them upon million-peso payments--all a hoax, not a legal process?
Do you know some cops have been kidnapping people for ransom since forever, and Bato recently came home from a "hunting trip in Thailand" where he arrested a cop who was involved in the kidnap-slay case of Michael Chan in 2005. As if naman.

Do you know some cops are in cahoots with funeral parlors who take care of the bodies of murder victims, "nangongomisyon", even before the time of Duterte?

And we havent even started. Cops are involved in many illegal activities.

Kung ang worst experience ninyo sa kapulisan ay base sa panonood ng news lamang, congratulations. Pero wag sisihin si Duterte sa impunity ng mga pulis dahil matagal ng may impunity ang mga iyan.
She also has an advice to Philippine National Police chief Director Gen. Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa and to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).


Bato and NBI, I want to see those cops involved in the South Korean death locked up forever, and when the death penalty is reinstated, usher them to the beginning of the line.

Sinasabotahe na kayo, ang kupad kupad pa po ninyo.

Wag na kayong mag alala sa mga "kelangan pagandahin ang moralidad ng pulis" concerns ninyo. If you allow these kinds of police to get away scot free, then you are as good as showing the rest of the police force that this is acceptable.

Hindi ba manlalaban yang mga killer pulis na yan?

Harshest punishment please.
In less than an hour, her Facebook post already reached more than a hundred shares and 1,300 different reactions.