Retired Commodore Allegedly Reveals True Color Of Trillanes, Says He's Unlike His Father!

"Unlike his father, a retired military officer, he does not appear to have an honest bone in his body."
Antonio Trillanes IV
Retired Commodore Rex Robles, who belongs to Philippine Military Class 1965, on a Facebook post blast Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and said he's different from his father who is honest and likable retired military officer.

He even said that Sen. Trillanes does not appear to have an honest bone in his body while his classmates treated him as a joke, and other peemayers have condemned him.

Commodore Robles, who was once a member of the Commission on the investigations on the Oakwood mutiny where around 300 armed soldiers took over Oakwood Premier Ayala Center to reveal the corruption of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, asked Sen. Trillanes to come clean on his business holdings which were surprisingly extensive as he came from a family of modest means.

Here's the complete Facebook post of Robles. Please read.

Rex Robles