Interesting Insights From A Lawyer On How A Vice President Can Be Impeached

how vp can be impeached
An interesting insight from Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles on how a Vice President can be impeached is going viral now on social media, Facebook.

How is a Vice President impeached?

Answer: Same way a President, Justice of the Supreme Court, member of a Constitutional Commission or the Ombudsman may be impeached, as follows:

1. Complaint to be filed in the House of Representatives. Must be done by Congressman. If private person/s file, then complaint must be endorsed by a Congressman.

2. Complaint goes to plenary where it is calendared in the Order of Business, within ten (1) session days.

3. Plenary must refer to Committee (usually Committee on Justice) within three (3) session days.

4. Committee refers report and recommendation to plenary within sixty (60) days from referral to it by plenary

5. Resolution is calendared within ten (10) days from receipt
6. Vote of 1/3 of all Members of the House needed to affirm or override recommendation of Committee.

7. If vote is to file, the verified complaint or the resolution of impeachment become the Articles of Impeachment which are then forwarded to the Senate.

8. Senate conducts trial. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall preside.

Strictly speaking, "impeachment" refers to the proceedings in the House. Thus, one can be "impeached" even if not found "guilty" by the Senate.

The Senate does not, strictly speaking find "guilt" because it does not conduct a criminal proceeding.

Grounds for impeachment are:

1. culpable violation of the Constitution,
2. treason,
3. bribery,
4. graft and corruption,
5. other high crimes, or
6. betrayal of public trust.