Lawyer Slams Bam Aquino On How He Questioned Sta. Isabel During Senate Hearing

"What good does a question like, "Bakit ang tapang mo?" do for the purpose?"
trixie angeles bam aquino
Senator Bam Aquino, during Senate Probe last January 26 on the abduction and slain of Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo, asked the suspect Senior Police Officer 3 (SPO 3) Ricky Sta. Isabel on why they are so brave in doing that kind of crime even inside the National Police Headquarters.

However, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles on a Facebook post slammed Sen. Aquino on the way he questioned Sta. Isabel.

According to her,
Another example of how NOT to conduct a direct examination.

A senate investigation is conducted for the purpose of determining if legislation is needed to address certain issues and what sort of legislation is needed. The examination of resource persons, therefore in such an investigation is to elicit pertinent information.

What good does a question like, "Bakit ang tapang mo?" do for the purpose?

Personally, I think Senator Aquino is simply posturing for the cameras here. Pa-cute. Which really just wastes our time.

But then, in general the manner in which the Liberal Party had conducted their campaign and the way they promote Leni Robredo, it seems to me, they are stuck in this rut of pagpapa-cute.

Posturing for the camera is ok, if followed by some sort of public good. Eliciting information. Getting people to move. Compelling action to be taken. But for politicians like Bam, it seems that the pa-cute is the end in itself.
As of writing, Atty. Angeles' post has generated more than 1,300 different reactions from her followers on Facebook.