Netizen Exposed How OVP Responds To People Airing Their Criticisms To VP Leni On Facebook

Is this true?
Leni Robredo OVP deletes comments
It's been a while since Vice-president Leni Robredo's vacation in the United States happened yet up to this moment, there are still people who criticized the Vice-president and her camp over that issue.

In a Facebook post from Imee Callao, she exposed how official Facebook page of Office Of the Vice President (OVP) responds when netizens commented and air their criticisms to VP Robredo on their posts on social media.

According to Callao's experience, when OVP Facebook page made a post about Typhoon Nina while Filipinos thought VP Robredo is in the Philippines, she commented, "The VP is in the US and not in the Philippines."

However, OVP deleted her comment and blocked her soon after. The "yellow trolls" according to Callao, bashed her and defended VP Robredo because they insisted that she is in Bicol.

Kindly read Callao's complete Facebook post about this.

Dear Leni,

You deleted my comment on your personal FB wall (and blocked me soon after) when you made the post about Typhoon Nina while your people thought you were in the Philippines. All i ever said was "The VP is in the US and not in the Philippines." Your yellow trolls bashed me and defended you because they insisted you are in Bicol. Some even offered prayers for you and your family's safety.

Your Official FB Page and that of "The Office Of the Vice President" deletes comments and blocks netizens airing their criticisms, discontent and dissent.... yet here you are saying "A good leader accepts constructive criticisms." You cannot accept criticisms yourself and even called us "trolls".

You can be of great service to this nation if you step down as VP. You will find that most of us will appreciate this great sacrifice you will do for love of country.

The People of the Philippines

#LeniResign #TheLyingVP #FakeVP #LeniLeaks #NoMoreLP
As of writing, Callao's Facebook post already generated more than 1,900 shares and 4,100+ different reactions.