News Blackout? Netizens Blast Mainstream Media For Not Covering #LeniLeaks Issue

"Usong uso na! Sikat na sikat na! Trending na pero DEADMA pa din ang MAINSTREAM MEDIA!"
#LeniLeaks news blackout
Did you know that the alleged emails from the Yahoo!Groups of Global Filipino Diaspora Council that led to #LeniLeaks is now trending on Twitter? Upon checking as of 10:24 am today, it's on the 3rd spot.

Take a look.

#LeniLeaks on Twitter

Apparently, many are asking why the mainstream media is not covering it despite its popularity.

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Some well-known supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte like Mocha Uson asked Philippine Media to pay attention in the #LeniLeaks issue. She even made a post on her Facebook page about this saying:

Mga mam at sir sa MEDIA baka pwede pagtuunan din niyo po ang #LENILEAKS na nilabas ni SASS kesa sa mga pag tantrums ng mga spoiled brat sa pag ka MTRCB ko. Mas mahalaga ang matukoy ang nasa likod ng planong OUST DUTERTE. Kasi po pagkaalam ko po criminal act ang TREASON. Pakiusap lang naman.
On another Facebook post, Uson shared this:

Usong uso na! Sikat na sikat na! Trending na pero DEADMA pa din ang MAINSTREAM MEDIA!
A professor from De La Salle University, Antonio Contreras, also made a remark on his Facebook account about this telling:

It just crossed my mind that if GMA News, ABS-CBN,TV5, CNN, Inquirer, Rappler and others will continue to ignore the #LeniLeaks. then it is a tacit recognition that they see Sass Rogando Sasot and Thinking Pinoy, the two bloggers who broke the story, as legitimate competitors.
Two hours later, Contreras made another remark about this issue.

I am still waiting for that lone voice from the major networks and news organizations to break this story on #LeniLeaks. Sadly, this is Day 2 and I have yet to see a single coverage of it (even as I read in ABS-CBN that the Philippines is the top-viewer in the porn site Pornhub).
Sass Sasot, one of the first personalities who exposed this alleged #LeniLeaks issue, in a Facebook post shared this:

Mas Pinili ng ABS-CBN News na ibalita na nasa Top 15 visitors ng PornHub ang Philippines kaysa sa #LeniLeaks! The grand cover up of the PR Army of Our Lady of Naga.
Commenters on her post shared their sentiments on this issue, telling:

My God! What happen to mainstream media in the Philippines? Salamat talaga may social media otherwise history repeat itself back 1986...
this is the very reason why late FM shutdown bias tv stations.. so sad...
"Just be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem" :-( :-(
What do you expect from the network that continuously churn out cheap kabit-kabitan themed soap opera and movies. #LENIleaks

They can continue to ignore us, but if there's anything they should learn from history is that the biggest failures were caused by the powers-that-be who ignored the tall-tale signs of their impending doom.

We will rattle the cages, they will fall.
Meanwhile, one of Sasot's followers named Ino Allison Hasegawa tells that she commented on GMA News Facebook page about #LeniLeaks. However, the said media outlet blocked her.


Sass uploaded the screenshot above on her Facebook page and captioned it with:

GMA News blocks someone who tells them that they are not covering #LeniLeaks.