This Boy Gave Willie A Bible And Rosary, What He Did In Return Will Make You Cry

He's also the mysterious boy who gave Willie a watch as an advance birthday gift to him.
john erwin andres met willie revillame
Remember the mysterious boy who gave Willie Revillame, host of 'Wowowin' show in GMA 7, a watch and a letter as an advance birthday gift to him few days ago?

His name is John Erwin Andres. Revillame, during his show, announced in national television that he wanted to meet Andres because he was very touched with his message.

Kindly watch the video below from YouTube channel of GMA Network aired last January 10, 2017.

Last Wednesday, January 18, the two finally met.

Andres is a fourth year high school student and wants to become a pilot someday.

According to Andres, he also gave Revillame a bible and rosary as Christmas gift to him last year.

The host was so touched because Andres has a kind heart.

In return, Revillame gave gifts to the boy including 2 cellphones and P10,000 cash.

But wait, there's more!

Revillame also promised to help Andres' family on their financial needs and will also help him to finish his studies.

Below is the video of this very inspiring moment. Please watch.

Source: GMA News/YouTube