Alleged Yoga Session Of VP Leni Inside OVP Catches The Attention Of Netizens

robredo yoga photo ovp
Vice-president Leni Robredo is in hot water once more after a netizen posted her yoga photo on Facebook.

RG San Luis, the netizen who first uploaded VP Robredo's alleged yoga photo inside Office of the Vice President (OVP), said in his caption,

Yoga photo leni 1

Dami talaga kalokohan ni Vice-Pictorial!!!
An hour after San Luis posted the photo, RJ Nieto, also known as Thinking Pinoy, re-uploaded it on his Facebook page and said,

Yoga photo leni 2

'Yung ang Diyosa ng Laylayan (a.k.a. AVP Leni Robredo) ay may personal yoga instructor at nagyoyoga sa mismong opisina niya.

Tapos sasagot ang PR team niya ng...

"OMG TP!!! why ka ba so mean to Madam Leni? That's JUST yoga for chrissakes kaya! So many people do it na kaya!"

May oras para sa Yoga, pero para sa Nina, wala.


Followers of Thinking Pinoy immediately gave their comments on the yoga photo of VP Robredo inside OVP telling,

hindi nyo na ginalang ang OVP...... dyan pa talaga nag papicture sa seal ng VP. bwahahahahahaha
Taray! May pa yoga si madam! 😒Yung presidente laglag na katawan sa kakatrabaho. At yan ang gustong ipalit kay pres.duterte? Ay gudluck talaga. 😂😔
Is this worthy of presidential succession??? You call this a public servant? Babangon sa hukay si Jesse sa kahihiyan sa pinag-gagagawa mo! Wala ka na kahit konting kahihiyan sa katawan mo! Sayang ang pasweldo namin sayo! History will remember you as another one of those who took to power but wasted the chance to help those in need because she has yoga class.
Meanwhile, Office of the Vice President is not yet giving any statement on the new exposé.

As of writing, the yoga photo uploaded by RG San Luis already generated more than 200 shares and 500 different reactions while Thinking Pinoy's has reached more than 1,600 shares and 8,300 different reactions.


In an article from Inquirer, it has said that the photo of VP Robredo together with a yoga trainer inside her office that went viral was part of a fitness program for the staff of the Office of the Vice President.