Chu After Their Meet And Greet With The President: We Really Made The Right Choice

I dont know where to start and what to say. Im seriously overwhelmed by the entire experience
duterte supporters
A staunch social media supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Krizette Laureta Chu, who was also present in the meet and greet with the President at the Malacañang palace on Tuesday, February 7, posted something interesting on her personal Facebook account that is going viral now on social media.

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According to her,

I dont know where to start and what to say. Im seriously overwhelmed by the entire experience.

All I can say and assure my fellow Filipinos is, after spending nearly 6 hours with and around Duterte--2 hours of private, closed door convo in Malacanang, 1 hour and a half in his house in Bahay Pagbabago--the rest were waiting time and dinner time--I am confident and grateful that we are living through the era of this country's greatest president.

What a human being.

Ill try to write about this. Di ko pa kaya ngayon.

I thought there was no way this experience could make me even more of a rabid Duterte supporter, wrong--I came out of there even more determined to fight for this man and his vision.

We really made the right choice.
Her followers who were also happy after Chu posted her message couldn't keep a mum over this and quickly commented on her post.

...i can feel you, maam krizette. An experience words can't fathom. I hope someday i will be given the opportunity to tell tatay Digong how grateful and blessed i am to have him as our president!❤ 👊 😊 -Giovanni Galanida Aclo 
Baka balde-baldeng luha na ang lalabas sa akin pag babasahin ko ang isusulat mo kay PRRD kasi ngayon lang na binasa ko post ni Doc Lorraine tungkol kay Mayor Rody eh bumuhos na luha ko... #ILovePRRD -Baseylia Egnashu
He is such a magnet 'cause ppl feel his sincerity n simplicity. A one kind of a president. I will always support him.we are so proud of u all, Duterte's bloggers n supporters. Thank you all for being our VOICE! 👊👊👊 -Insih Benhalid
An hour after Chu posted her message on Facebook , it already reached more than 300 shares and 5,600 different reactions.