LOOK: 12 Of The Prominent Supporters Of President Duterte Meet And Greet Him In Malacañang

Bloggers in Malacañang? Why not?
bloggers in malacanang
Twelve of the prominent social media supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte went in Malacañang to meet and greet him Tuesday, February 7.

The supposedly 1-hour visit exceeded because President Duterte personally tours them not just in Malacañang but also in the Bahay Pangarap, the official residence of President Duterte.

The 12 prominent supporters includes RJ Nieto, Krizette Chu, Butch Cabanban, Arnel Patawaran, Ethel Pineda, Mark Lopez, Sass Sasot, Lorraine Badoy, Franco Mabanta, Trixie Angeles, Ahmedy Paglinawan, and Mardion Malano.

According to RJ Nieto a.k.a. Thinking Pinoy, they had a wonderful night with the President. They just prove that he is really humble, simple and a jolly President.

When they are in the Bahay Pangarap, President Duterte tours them in his room and in his comfort room.

Thinking Pinoy revealed that President Duterte's soap brand is Safeguard, his mouthwash brand is Listerine, and his razor brand is Gillette - "very simple President" according to him.

They also asked different questions and the President is very game to answer all of it.

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Below is Thinking Pinoy's replay of his live video on Facebook after their meet and greet with the President. He is with Sass Sasot and Franco Mabanta. He shared to his followers what happened during their visit in Malacañang and some interesting questions that they asked to President Duterte.

Please watch.

#AskTP: TP, Sass meet PRRD
Posted by Thinking Pinoy - TP on Tuesday, February 7, 2017