Netizen Lambasts VP Leni On Her Recent Remarks About Summary Killings, Poor Logic!

"However, your recent statements are so flawed, so stupid, and so black that I feel the need to speak up and ask you to terminate whoever is the brain (or the idiot) behind them."
leni robredo ejk statement
In the official Facebook page of Office of the Vice President of the Philippines where a statement and photo of Vice President Leni Robredo about summary killings was uploaded, a netizen named MJ Quiambao Reyes slammed VP Robredo's message and described it as "so flawed, so stupid, and so black."

Look at the photo and statement of VP Robredo that Office of the Vice President of the Philippines Facebook page uploaded.

Leni Robredo ejk

It was captioned:

The poor deserve better from us. We must empower them by upholding their rights and liberties.
However, Reyes wasn't impressed by Robredo's remarks. According to her, better 'terminate whoever is the brain (or the idiot)' behind her statement.

Kindly read her the complete Facebook post about this.


Madam, pramis, I tried hard not to write much about you for the past weeks/months as, really, I do not want to be divisive nor add up to your increasing number of critics & haters.

However, your recent statements are so flawed, so stupid, and so black that I feel the need to speak up and ask you to terminate whoever is the brain (or the idiot) behind them.

This statement of yours, for example:

"The poor are not a disposable inconvenience, easy to get rid through summary killings."

In case you did not understand what your speechwriter gave you, let me try to help you:

1. Your statement implies that summary or extra-judicial killings are happening at this time. (Oh, but like De Lima, "you have no proof".)Please understand that summary killing pertains to execution in which a person is accused of a crime and immediately killed without benefit of a full and fair trial.Di po ba tinuro yan sa inyo when you took up Law?

2. Worse, your statement also stupidly implies that our poor brothers were being extra judicially killed or disposed of--not because they are drug pushers who may have fought during the arrest or during police operations, nor were they collateral damage, but simply because:

They. Are. Poor. Poor who are easy to get rid through summary killings!

It's like saying:
Sige, pag mahirap ka, go lang! Magbenta ka lang ng droga. Pag hinuli ka, sige manlaban ka--kasi di ka dapat galawin ng gobyerno. Protektado ka ng ilang Senador, ni VP, at iba pa. Kasi, mahirap ka. Dahil mahirap ka, may karapatan kang gumamit ng droga, may karapatan kang magbenta at manira ng buhay at pamilya ng iba. Pag ikaw nanlaban at napuruhan, or worse, kung ikaw man ay itumba mismo ng mga kasamahan sa sindikatong ginagalawan mo (kesehodang kapwa drugpushers, competitors, protectors, o police scalawags ang tumira sa iyo) kasalan pa rin yan ng bagong gobyerno. Pinatay ka dahil lang sa mahirap ka.

Demonyo tlaga itong gobyernong ito. Inuubos, dini-"dispose" ang mga "poor". Ang galing ng logic ni Madam--pro-poor.


Naalala ko tuloy ang isa pang Madam sa Senado when she too ignorantly compared the Philippine's War Against Drugs to Cambodia's Killing Fields.

It seems to me that all three of you--De Lima, Hontiveros, and yourself--have the same strategists, speechwriters, and/or mentors.

[Hello, Dumb & Dumber Incorporated! Is that you or is that you?]

Now, my unsolicited advice: Fire them (your writers & strategists) before those idiots get you burned further than you already are.

Meanwhile: Study. Study. Study. Study further and stop listening to what some losers are asking you to say & do.

Truly, the lives of the poor are a grim reflection of how society has failed them for decades. The previous six years where the losing party has reigned and where you and where many of your mentors proudly belong have not really done much to alleviate their sufferings.

They deserve better from the government--thus, this new admin has made possible the ff:

» Free college education in state universities for poor students

» Free hospitalization

» One-stop shop for OFW

» Free irrigation and many other assistance to help our farmers

» Salary increases for the underpaid army & police force

» Expedited the completion of housing projects for Yolanda victims
and many more... eh kayo po, madam?

They, too, deserve better from you...
An hour after Reyes posted this on her Facebook account, it already generated more than 150 shares and 610 different reactions from her followers.